We’re not in Wyoming anymore

Sunrise, Pacific Ocean, off the eastern coast of New Zealand

Happy 2017 from The Land Down Under! Our Queensland’s Landscapes adventure is underway. Following our various connecting flights to Los Angeles, we departed for New Zealand late in the evening of December 31st, with the New Year quietly rung in somewhere over the Pacific Ocean a few hours later. After a short, three-hour layover in the Auckland airport (duty free chocolate and trendy kiwi wares), it was on to Australia. Thanks to the International Date Line, we lost New Year’s Day itself, making our arrival in Brisbane to be mid-morning on January 2nd. By early afternoon, we were settled in downtown Brisbane, or the CBD – for Central Business District – as it’s known. The rest of our day we spent orienting ourselves a bit to the layout of our immediate neighborhood and getting acclimated to the heat and humidity (temps in the high 70s, humidity even higher).

Brisbane will be our base for the next five days.With almost 2.5 million people in the metropolitan area, it’s Australia’s 3rd largest city after Sydney and Melbourne. As such, it’s a major financial and cultural hub, boasts numerous universities, and is the state capital of Queensland. Here, we’ll be learning about some urban and cultural geography concepts and themes, and as well as exploring the impact of the Brisbane River on the surrounding landscape.

Brisbane River and boat moorings along the City Botanic Gardens, with Story Bridge in background.

We’re excited about this great opportunity to experience different people, customs, culture, and environment. There’s no better way to learn about a new place than by immersing yourself in it. That’s what we intend to do with southeast Queensland over the next 20 days. It’s going to be a great journey!

G’day for today!

~ Jeff


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